Chicago Tech Startup Launches New "House Painting In Place" Technology In Wake Of Coronavirus

As small businesses across the nation scramble to adapt to the new realities of the coronavirus, a Chicago house painting service startup named Improovy has launched a new "House-Painting-In-Place" technology to help homeowners transform their spaces from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Over the past few months, the young tech company has developed an algorithm-based pricing tool that provides homeowners easy and accurate price quotes for common home improvements, such as house painting or drywall repairs. Improovy's algorithm takes decades of paint job site data and combines it with public property records like when the home was built and construction blueprints to create an exact price to paint a home or apartment, no in-person visit required.

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"In light of recent coronavirus "Shelter-In-Place" orders, Improovy has gone from the most convenient option to now becoming a necessary option when it comes to hiring a painting service in Chicago without having to risk an in-person visit," says founder & CEO, Andre Kazimierski.

"And since our interior and exterior painting estimates are 100% digital or over-the-phone, you can easily hire an Improovy painter in your pajamas if you wanted to."

Not to mention, Improovy has found ways to further streamline the house painting process from start to finish over the past few months for many homeowners located in Chicagoland and near Improovy's second location in Naperville, a Western suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

A number of online reviews from recent customers have mentioned not only the ease of the quote process but the simplicity of their entire painting experience. From picking paint colors to the quality and timeliness of their paint crews (all of whom are fully vetted, insured, and experienced professional painters), Improovy has quickly become on Chicagoland's most recommended painting service.stats
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