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Bluemac Announces Academic Pricing for the Bluemac x7 Sensor Series

An Affordable Means to Use the Bluemac x7 "Triple-Play" of Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi with a Modern Cloud System for Research and Class Projects

PORTLAND, Ore. - June 27, 2018 - PrZen -- Bluemac Analytics announced today the immediate availability of special pricing available only to academic institutions to use the Bluemac x7 system for research and instructional use. The x7 provides more matches and more reads for Travel-Time, Speed, Origin-Destination, Trajectory, and Dwell calculations. With the x7 we continue our heritage in probe sensor technology and solutions that started with our first Bluetooth deployments in 2008.

The Bluemac x7 Sensor System is a great fit for academic work done in the field of transportation engineering, both for research and for teaching students as part of a transportation engineering curriculum.  It delivers the triple-play across Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi running on a modern and robust hardware platform. While Bluetooth Classic and to some extent Wi-Fi have been heavily researched in the ITS field, they are great tools for class related projects and labs. BLE has many opportunities for innovative research in the vehicle reidentification field as well as pedestrian, bicyclist, transit, and integrated multimodal study. The three of them together enable quite interesting new approaches to transportation research and study.

To make the Bluemac x7 more accessible for university research and instruction, qualified academic institutions for a limited time can purchase Bluemac x7 systems at 50% off of list pricing, bundled with a year of Cloud access, warranty, and remote technical support at no additional cost.

The Bluemac system is set up with a Project construct which works very well for research projects and lab courses, whether used by teams or individual students. Bluemacs can be easily moved ad-hoc to different locations in sync with the Cloud system, perfect for new research or class assignments.

The web portal gives students a set of tools for analyzing Travel Time, Speed, Origin-Destination, and Trajectory to apply for vehicle transportation data analysis. Easy to use graphical analysis is standard, along with data tables and a means for device management.

Bluemac's White Box open data approach provides all the underlying data, including raw matches as well as raw reads – time stamped with RSSI and type. Additionally, edge processing techniques are applied to Bluemac data, giving students exposure to this important technique for reducing the amount of data and required Cloud processing consumption.

Analysis can be easily performed outside of Bluemac. Researchers and students can use the low-level data to determine travel time, dwell, intersection delay, queues, turning movements, signal optimization…the list goes on and on. Students can use the system's built-in filters or export the data and apply their own. Origin-Destination data is quite detailed and robust showing the strengths of BLE and Bluetooth Classic. Data sets can be extracted using CSV downloads. There's also a full set of APIs supported by the Bluemac Cloud for automated data extraction, or machine-to-machine delivery for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence systems. Use any one or combination of BLE, Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi data sets.

The Bluemac x7 sets the right example of an ITS implementation for a learning environment. It implements the latest in device security using a synchronized rotating key access method. Data is protected using hashing, encryption, and secure communications channels.

As a Cloud-based system with robust and secure APIs, the Bluemac x7 is an environment of the future rather than the past. Our system is intended for M2M applications, targeting feeding ML and AI Big Data systems on intervals down to "real-time". Yet it still provides the portal and manual data outputs needed for research and teaching. As such the reporting period for a deployment can be set to a wide range of intervals, including "real-time" streaming from the Cloud system.

As a fully self-contained roadside device (solar-powered system and the latest Cat-M1/NB-IoT cellular modem), the x7s is great for field work – it can be moved around at will and its lightweight makes it easy to install and remove. The x7e is great for outdoor installation points where power and Ethernet are available to connect to the device. And the x7i is the best for lab work or applying the x7 to prototyping scenarios, including in-vehicle use and for protected locations such as equipment cabinets like signal controller enclosures.

Through the Bluemac x7 Academic Offer, qualified educational institutions receive 50% off of list pricing for use in research or teaching. Up to 10 Bluemac x7 devices can be purchased through this offer. These devices include one year of Cloud service, first year warranty and remote technical support. The offer is available for all the different Bluemac x7 configurations. Cellular service is additional and offered at our normal pricing.

Interested educational institutions should reach out to Bluemac by emailing sales@bluemacanalytics.com. The offer is available until September 30th, 2018.

"Key performance data generated by systems such as Bluemac remain a fundamental aspect to both teaching and research for traffic engineering at the university level. Bluemac's White Box approach to open data protected using modern approaches to security and privacy are a great component for effectively training tomorrow's traffic engineers in key aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Yet only for researchers we offer the ability get "to the metal" on the data if needed. We hope our academic offer spurs further research around applying BLE, Bluetooth Classic, and Wi-Fi at the university level."

        Keith Szot, CEO, Bluemac

Qualified educational institutions are accredited institutions organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of teaching its enrolled students. In the United States an accredited institution must be a public or private junior college, college, university, or scientific or technical school that is either institutionally accredited by an accrediting agency nationally recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education. Bluemac will apply similar criteria to institutions located outside of the United States. May take up to 12 weeks for product delivery.

About Bluemac
Bluemac provides economical and secure systems for accurate and timely Travel Time, Speed, and Origin-Destination data and analysis for leading transportation agencies worldwide. As an early pioneer in applying Bluetooth® technology starting in 2008 for transportation agency solutions and an ISO 9001 certified firm with deployments across the world, Bluemac's devices and services are proven and robust. Bluemac is a key component of ITS solutions at the state, county, and city level. Bluemac systems are Made-in-the-U.S.A. with American Steel.


Twitter: @Bluemac_

Keith Szot

Source: Bluemac Analytics

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