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BBJ Recovery Partners with Moov Labs' CEO Joel Cruzada to Enhance Nate Diaz's Cryo and Red Light Recovery Ahead of August 5th Fight Against Jake Paul

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Moov Labs of Orlando, Florida takes its Cryotherapy and Recovery protocols to Dallas, Texas in preparation for Nate Diaz's championship fight against Jake Paul. With the many benefits of cryotherapy, red light, and the many innovative therapies that Moov Labs offers, high caliber athletes are seeking out these technologies to gain the advantage.

ORLANDO, Fla. & DALLAS - PrZen -- BBJ Recovery, a leading wellness and sports recovery center in Elk Grove, California, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Joel Cruzada, President and CEO of Moov Labs LLC, a pioneer in cryotherapy and wellness recovery in Central Florida. The partnership aims to provide world-renowned UFC and MMA champion, Nate Diaz, with top-notch cryo and red light recovery treatments in preparation for his upcoming fight against Jake Paul on August 5th in Dallas.

Nate Diaz, known for his legendary victories against renowned fighters like Conor McGregor, has chosen BBJ Recovery and Joel Cruzada's expertise to optimize his recovery and performance leading up to the highly anticipated match. With Joel's deep knowledge in state-of-the-art cryotherapy and wellness recovery technologies and protocols, and BBJ Recovery's advanced recovery methods, Nate Diaz is set to receive unparalleled support for his training and fight preparation.

As part of this collaboration, Joel Cruzada will utilize the cutting-edge Subzero by America Cryo for localized cryotherapy, providing targeted cold therapy to help reduce inflammation and enhance recovery. Additionally, Joel will incorporate the DNA Vibe red light technology (used by MMA fighters such as Grant Neal), known for its effectiveness in promoting healing and rejuvenation at the cellular level, further aiding Nate Diaz's preparation and recovery process.

What sets this partnership apart is the unique design of remote sports recovery which emphasizes on mobile wellness and convenience. Joel Cruzada's expertise in administering sports recovery treatments on the go perfectly aligns with Nate Diaz's busy training schedule and travel commitments. The combination of the Subzero by America Cryo and the DNA Vibe red light technology ensures that Nate Diaz can receive top-tier recovery treatments wherever he goes, allowing him to maintain peak performance and focus on his fight against Jake Paul.

BBJ Recovery and Moov Labs are both dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sports recovery and wellness, and this collaboration represents a powerful synergy between two industry leaders. Through their joint efforts, they aim to elevate Nate Diaz's performance and optimize his recovery, contributing to what promises to be a thrilling showdown in the octagon.

Misti Spencer | Operations & Media Manager

Source: Vision Next Enterprises LLC
Filed Under: Medical, Health, Sports, Biotech

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