America 2030 is issuing this announcement in an effort to dispel and correct misinformation released by a former Client

In an effort to safeguard and protect our reputation, it has become necessary for America 2030 to issue this announcement and disclose our side of the story as it seems that untruthful and slanderous information is being released on the internet to the public at large.

SINGAPORE - Nov. 10, 2018 - PrZen -- Two executives from a Singapore public company, each executed two loan agreements to obtain a loan against their publicly traded securities. The contracts were executed in early June of 2018 and Borrowers did not deposit the securities until end of October, almost 5 months after contracts were executed. Three months after the contracts were executed, Borrowers attempted to renegotiate terms. America 2030 accommodated the Borrowers and agreed to their new terms and an Addendum was executed, thus amending the contract.

Despite the new terms, the Borrowers were still indecisive and continued to renegotiate the contracts and again to seek new terms, despite existence of executed contracts.

Between the time that the contracts were executed in early June and shortly after the deposit by Borrowers of the Pledged Collateral at end of October, the price of the stock declined by more than 50%. Borrowers executed the Closing Statement which required them to deliver additional securities to make-up for loss in value of their shares. Also according to the loan agreement, Borrowers were required to deposit additional collateral to stay within the terms of the loan, but failed to do so, instead again Borrowers continued to demand a $6M loan against collateral worth less than $6M and to further renegotiate terms.

America 2030 sought to terminate the contracts after Borrowers failed to comply with the terms of the contracts and ignored notifications warning of a imminent default. As of the date of this press release, America 2030 retains control of the collateral in accordance with the executed contracts.

It is the opinion of America 2030 Capital Limited that the Borrowers failed to adhere to the terms of the contracts and repeatedly used every opportunity to renegotiate the terms.

The clients have released announcements and press releases which contain untruthful facts and pure lies and do not reveal all the facts.

In accordance with the contracts, America 2030 Capital on an urgent basis has referred the matter to arbitration for resolution and adjudication and America 2030 Capital Limited is very confident in prevailing in its outcome.

America 2030 Capital Limited sincerely apologizes to have to use public media to safeguard and defend its reputation when in its opinion incorrect information is being disseminated by disgruntled former clients who refuse to adhere to the contracts and to the dispute resolution forum provided for in the contract.

Mr. Val Sklarov the CEO of America 2030 Capital had this to say: "It's unfortunate that some people do not want to follow terms of contracts because they think that they are special, but would rather resort to distribution of incorrect, defamatory and sensational press releases and to attempt to litigate a dispute in the public media as opposed to in court or arbitration as required under the contract. We do not appreciate when our clients do not follow the contracts. We would be pleased to resolve the matter amicably in accordance with the contract, but our calls to do so were ignored. Nor can we discuss confidential points of the case, it would not be proper."

America 2030 Capital Limited believes in adhering to the terms of contracts and in the event of any dispute, to utilize the prescribed means for conflict resolution and not through the dissemination of sensational press releases.

America 2030 Capital Limited is a boutique Investment banking firm with worldwide operations in locations such as USA, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Europe, Caribbean and Nevis offshore. The firm offers sophisticated M&A financing, institutional real estate financing, debt & equity transactions as well as loans against publicly traded securities worldwide. The firm is one of the leading international securities lenders with a dominant position in many marketplaces. We are pleased to have served many clients and we continue to strive for excellence.

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Source: America 2030 Capital Limited

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  • Edward:
    America 2030 is a new company registered in Uk since this year February? Why in website they declare they operate since 1986?!
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