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21st Century Professionals are Life-Long Learners

Perceptum Group, LLC 21st Century Professionals are Life-Long Learners Perceptum Group: Developing Leaders & Driving Success
(Leadership and Management Development Trainer) "Perceptum Group" Announces Novel Approach to Helping People Develop and Maintain Life-long Learning Skills.

SAN FRANCISCO - April 29, 2019 - PrZen -- Think about how much effort, energy and resources have been deployed in the last two decades to upgrade American schools. Everyone is trying to find the most effective and efficient ways to educate our children, and yet by most metrics, American youth lag behind other developed countries, especially in math and science. Our mass educational system, though showing some bright spots here and there, generally struggles to inspire our kids to love learning and see education as a power tool for personal, and later, professional development.

There are many "wounded learners" who, for whatever reasons, are in the victim mindset relative to learning and struggle to engage new learning experiences with joy and excitement. This is not only a personal tragedy for these folks, but it is also a sever limitation in the modern world of 21st century professionals. James Thein, Founder & Managing Partner of Perceptum Group, a highly successful professional development consulting firm based in San Francisco, says, "Learning is a premier skill for 21st century professional. The modern global economy is moving so fast and technology is integrating into every aspect of our culture so thoroughly, that adult professionals need to be able to engage top-notch ongoing development regularly to not just stay current, but to be ahead of the curve."

Often, we will hear the excuse that "I am too busy to waste my time training" or "I have been through these things before and got nothing out of it." Everyone is busy, but it is a mistake to confuse "activity" with "productivity". Most of us can make time, with strategic changes in our schedules, to add learning as a priority. The second point, about wasting time in training or learning, is often true! Not because learning was not a valuable thing to do, but more because the facilitators were not skilled professionals who were up to date on the science and tactics of modern learning.

Dr. Michael Dunphy, Managing Partner of Perceptum Group, and an expert in modern learning constructs, says, "21st century professional development cannot be based on decades-old learning tactics. Too many "training or consulting companies" have not upgraded their approach. At Perceptum, every program we deliver is grounded in our Perceptum Transformational Learning System® (PTLS®), which has evolved from modern learning theory, inducing neuroplasticity strategically for deeper and more permanent learning, and decades of research regarding content sequencing, application exercises and participant-centric learning that engages emotional intelligence, learner motivation and self-confidence. PTLS® induces and encourages life-long learning."

21st century professionals need to be more adaptable, strategic, inclusive and tech savvy than any prior generation. Some of the tactics to help any professional start engaging life-long learning are discussed in the Perceptum blog, "Life-Long Learning is the Cat's Meow!". All of us want to be happy, successful and productive. When we are, life is certainly more fulfilling and, in an altruistic sense, we are more likely to contribute in good ways to our community, culture and country. At Perceptum, we are committed to developing "21st Century Professionals" because we know that the future of our society depends on having great teachers, organizational and business leaders and innovators who operate with wisdom, tenacity and high emotional intelligence as life-long adaptable learners who fearlessly embrace change and help others move forward productively with them.

Perceptum lives in San Francisco, California, but its clients are worldwide and service is available 24/7. To learn more tactics about developing and sustaining life-long learning skills, visit Perceptum's latest blog @ Life-Long Learning is the "Cat's Meow!"

Contact Perceptum on-line, at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium, or call 415.596.0337. Visit Perceptum's website, which features PTLS® introductory information @ https://www.perceptumgroup.com

Perceptum Group

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